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How to Save Time and Money With Your Autoresponder

by Jhon Branois on Jul.21, 2009, under About Autoresponders

autoresThe real key to getting the best from y9or autoresponder is remembering that the name itself is made up of two very descriptive words. Firstly the word auto, we all know that it means something that is designed to carry out a prescribed action, with no manual intervention. Secondly we have responder, again, a very descriptive word, and we can surmise that a responder would be something that awaits a trigger event and then performs a prescribed action in response.

By keeping these two words in mind, when exploring new uses for your autoresponder service, you can begin to fully appreciate how they can be used to streamline or completely automate many manual tasks. A great example is a customer contact form; let’s say you have a simple form on your page, asking the customer for brief contact information such as email address and name. Traditionally, two things would have happened once the customer submits the form. Either they would receive no indication that their information had been logged, or somebody would manually send them an email, thanking them for their interest, and asking if they required more information or assistance. Both of th3ese methods have serious drawbacks, option 1 is plain bad, people like to be thanked for taking the time to fill in a form, the second draws far too many resources, imagine if you had to send out 100 such emails a day? Even using copy and paste, t would still take quite some time.

An autoresponder can help in this situation, you could use it to send a personalised email to your newly registered user, thanking them for taking the time to supply their contact information, you could also include pertinent details about your products and services, this email can be personalised using the name given in the form, and would look very much like a manually produced reply. This takes zero resources, it is an automated response.

But why stop at a simple thank you email? Perhaps in a month’s time, you have a new product launch or a special offer being produced. You could use your autoresponder to send details to all of your contacts, as quickly as writing a single email. But this is not the whole picture; imagine that you wanted to track who had read the email and who had not even opened it? This would be virtually impossible using a manual system, and certainly it would take an awful lot of time. By using a subscription based autoresponder service, this data will be gathered for you automatically, and presented to you in an easy to read form. You will then be able to re-target the contacts that ignored or overlooked your original email, taking a second bite at the pie so to speak. This would take no more than a few minutes to set up and would represent quite a significant time saving.

The options are endless, an autorepsonder is a very flexible tool if used correctly, by remembering the two key words, auto and responder, you will be able to come up with many ideas to increase productivity within your own business model.

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