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How Not to Choose an Email Responder

by kitya on Oct.24, 2009, under email responder

Choosing the right email responder can be a daunting task, it may be easier to approach the subject by first thinking about how we should not go about choosing one. Strange as it may seem, people make the same mistakes every day when looking to find a solution to a definable problem. This is never more apparent than when the solution is in the form of a piece of software or a hosted service such as an autoresponder.

The biggest mistake people make, without a doubt, is buying on price. In this day and age, we are used to cheap consumer products on the shop shelves, easy to buy, inexpensive to replace, it takes some effort to move away from this mindset when looking for an email responder. In the IT world, more than any other, we need to remember the old saying “If you pay peanuts you get monkeys”. The IT market is generally not price driven, apart from consumer based items such as PC’s and laptops, when it comes to software, then price is usually indicative of quality.

Possibly the second most common mistake that people make, is falling for the hype, and purchasing a product with more bells and whistles than they will ever need. Whilst it is important to ensure that the email responder you purchase or the service you subscribe too has the features you require, for both now and into the future, be aware that you will probably never need all of the advanced functions of the more expansive packages unless you are a power user. Unless you have money to burn, and then decide on the functions you need and find a solution that provides them, do not be overly impressed with autoresponders which promise to do everything, you may well find they are too complicated to use for the less experienced person, and will require much more work to maintain and operate.

Luckily, the internet is arguably the only major retail outlet that maintains a significant amount of try before you buy products. A lot of autroresponder subscription services and software producers offer limited demo version, either for download or to subscribe too. Do try them keep trying them until you are either sure that they are what you need, or fail to fulfil your needs in any single area, then move on to the next. Keep searching until you find the perfect match to your requirements.
So to summarise; do not be price driven, today’s bargain may be tomorrows headache, but equally do not be lulled into buying the most feature rich and expensive package available unless you feel you will utilise it in its entirety. And above all, test; keep testing, until you find the perfect autoresponder for your current and future needs. Whichever autoresponder you choose, it will need to pay you back the money you invest. Keep in mind the three words profit, performance and price, in this order and you cannot go far wrong.

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